Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I just love it when after struggling with an idea - kneading it and shaping it to make it fit into place - it suddenly organise itself and fills the volume given. In this instance a lot of shifting was necessary before it started to flow but I'm quite excited about the whole thing now: different practices, visiting musicians, new venues, new groupings...

There's two movements:
Jean-Luc Guionnet will show some drawings (how and what is still in the air) and Paul Abbott will show his latest film (here again things are still moving) during the as alike as trees festival in a separate room so that people can come in wether or not attending the festival.

Also there'll be a concert in the lovely St Mark's church in Islington on Saturday the 12th of March with Jean-Luc on either sax or church organ and Soizic Lebrat, french cellist along with a fine selection of local music practitioners.

What do you think?


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