Friday, 4 December 2009

How long did I managed to hold it?
A eight months break wasn't bad but more gigs are coming my way at the moment.

The next one should be again done at very short notice so please spread the word of it as much as possible.

Mathias Forge is back again, hitting a good average of two UK visits a year now. He's coming with the most interesting trio he's got with Christine Sehnaoui and Olivier Toulemonde which has to be at least as good as it looks: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/__ECbI8VrC3o/SWjhHrSICuI/AAAAAAAAACM/6AULij4pSiU/s1600-h/chapo.JPG

I'm trying to find a new venue to host this beauty.

More soon.

Hope you've been keeping well.



Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bad timing, Helena Gough can't make the 26th of March anymore.
Phil Wachsmann will slip into the gap between Bruno and Dominic and Teasel will naturally mute into The Imaginary String Trio.

Friday, 20 February 2009

right... I'm always a bit depressed after one of my concert, the stress, the anxiety to please and the tiredness. But people seemed to have found different things to chew on during the night. And even to me the event seemed to make sense.

The eternal quitter that I am will give himself one more prompt denial. Mathias Forge is coming back -he was here in November last year- and Helena Gough is looking for a gig in the same period so I shall try to put something together on the 26th of March.

My aim -if we ignore for now the fact that I don't have a venue for it- is to convice the sweet and spicy Paul Abbott (www.paulabbott.net/) to show the film he's working on at the moment.


Monday, 19 January 2009

Aright, alright, I will do another concert.

I did promise a gig to Ashley-John Long a while back so I'll pay back my due to him. It'll be part of "A Series of Fortunate Events" at the Oto on the 19th of February. He was talking about playing with Tom Jackson.

Also that night Nancy Ruffer will present a program of composed pieces.

And then there should be a film or a quartet (Mark Wastell/ Evan Parker/ Graham Halliwell/ Maxt Eastley).

I'll confirm all that very soon.

Be merry,