Thursday, 18 November 2010

I went to that gig last week and the the audience was made of few friends of the musicians. The event was focused and friendly, I loved it but I can't take it for my gigs. I don't exactly know what it is but I think I put gigs on to share, not music, but a moment in the city with people I can relate to. So it was a bit of a let down when I've hardly seen anyone from my mailing list in the Network Theatre last Thursday. Anyway we had about 35 people and it was all good spirited but it always saddens me to notice that this mailing list is just a waste of hopes.

Right... that was just to give you an idea of how emotional I can get about these things, in a more positive note I look forward to Jean-Luc Guionnet's visit. I don't know of a saxophone player in the UK playing like him and I'm curious to hear him play the organ - everyone I met raved about it.
He'll stay in London for a week playing on an organ in Holborn for three days and then he'll switch to the organ of St Mary the Old in Stoke Newington for 3 days before the concert takes place.


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