Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Music's nice and all that but the reason of being of Small But Perfectly Formed is to help collaborations and not only concerts to happen.
I wanted to do meetings with dancers for a while. I had a chat with Olivier Toutlemonde (http://olivier.toulemonde.free.fr/) two years ago about a project he's got called Et/Ou where dance, film and music meet. Nice and easy! Take all the live performance types I know about and put them in a room to see what they can share and exchange. Chisenhale Dance Space offered the project a certain amount of studio hours to develop the idea.
The results will be presented in a very short improvisation on Friday the 7th of March.
It'll involve Guillaume Viltard, Samantha Rebello and Robert Anderson.

I'm curious to know if there'll be anybody from the music scene attending.



Frederic Blondy, pianist of best-seller Hubbub (see www.incursion.org/imr/archive/031.html) has conctacted me to sort out a concert. I've never heard him play in a small formation.
He's bringing with him Martine Altenburger who played few gigs with John Russel in London two or three years ago, I really look forward to see her again. He's also dragging Bertrand Gauget, a sax I've heard a lot about.

It shall take place on Sunday 24th February in the funny looking hall where I did the concert with David Stackenas.

Don't know yet who they're going to play with but John Bisset will be choosing the second act.

More soon.


A friend looked at my flyer yesterday and said "ah yeah, old school again".
You let yourself go in the gentle flow of your days and one day life catches up with you. There's a cure to all crisis. To prevent middle-age stroke let's have a wee computer night. Better a mixed media event!
The Foundry will -ever so kindly- host the third (or fourth?) Small But Perfectly Formed exhibition on Wednesday 12th of March. Damien Beaton is the lucky artist to display his work while incidentalists will count Isambard Khroustaliof, Nos Phillipe and Paul Abbott.

Do you know where I could buy good printed T-shirts?