Tuesday, 6 March 2012

workshop update:

When I challenged Seijiro on the fact that his description seemed orintated towards music/musicians he responded dismissively: "true".

and added:
- you can add or replace the statement about music by one on movement ("not going from dance to mouvements but from mouvements to something like dance.")
- dancer should work more on music. They tend to use music to dance instead of working with it.

And that for me (olivier that is) is the reason of being of the workshop.

Workshop hopes

The formidable Seijiro Murayama has contacted me to organise a workshop (I copied a general outline above).
I really want to do more of these instead of keeping on pouring ready made concerts down the unquenchable throat of musicians.

I like the idea of inviting people to share their perception of a practice and let's have it clear I don't care much about music. That seemed to fit nicely in the wide open description of the workshop Seijiro wanted to do.

Here's what stuck in my mind:

"For me, organising a workshop is, each time, a big and risky challenge: i like and i need it."
"i do not have intention of teaching "
"I improvise the process of workshop according to what the participants bring as qualities "
"main focus is the question of listening, at different levels and of course, that of silence etc."
"We work with (and on) voice, body, space, objects"

I want to do it.
the details will be determined by the people attending.
get in touch if you see a slight chance of being interested and help us defining this thing further.

I guess we (seijiro, you and I) could use this blog to host the discussion.

So what do you think?...